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Save even more on fuel with the Fuel Savings Plus card

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$1 spent on select products = 1 litre of 5¢ fuel savings

  • Buy lottery products at participating Petro-Canada locations across Canada and alcoholic beverages at participating Petro-Canada locations in Quebec
  • Swipe your Petro-Points card to earn fuel savings and Petro-Points
  • Swipe your Fuel Savings Plus card each time you buy fuel to save 5¢ per litre
  • Reload your card online with Petro-Points for even more fuel savings

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Save 5¢ or 10¢ per litre:
Fuel Savings Reward Card

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Redeem for the Fuel Savings Reward card and save 5¢ or 10¢ per litre on your next 200 litres of fuel.
New! More fuel savings for less points:

  • 12,000 points to redeem for the 5¢ card in-store or 24,000 points to redeem for the new 10¢ card in-store
  • Reload your 5¢ card online for only 11,000 points or reload your new 10¢ card online for only 22,000 points

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Combine your fuel savings

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See how your fuel savings can add up:

  • Buy 2 SuperWorks™ or The Works™ car washes — save 5¢ per litre
  • Use your Fuel Savings Reward Card — save 5¢ per litre
  • Use your CIBC Petro-Points™ MasterCard®save 2¢ per litre

Total savings? 12¢ per litre

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